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 Neobux is best ptc

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PostSubject: Neobux is best ptc   Sun Jun 27, 2010 1:20 pm

The advantages of this new PTC like srvicio are many very active technician, forums, etc etc… but we go to the really important thing:
1 - Instantaneous payments Unlike other PTC that get to you to delay the collection two months, in NEOBUX the collection is instantaneous. When you arrive at 2 $ in your account podras to give to receive and that money goes directly to your account of paypal, very instantaneously. Some times in Standart accounts (gratuitous) can take 2 days at the most, but that is exceptions and the normal thing is that in thing of 5 minutes you have the money in your account.
2 - Rent of referred This will be the important characteristic but for us and our way towards the money. When not wanting to invest, we would take much in securing money to buy referred by means of our own clicks, then, that we do? we rented them. You can have referring during 1 month by 0.30 $. In that time the referred one can get to do 125 clicks and if he is totally active we will have gains of 0.32 $ to the month by each referred rented. It seems a misery but we have 10 referred rented, we will only gain 3$ to the month and with 100 referred rented 30$ to the month by means of those referred rented. To that sum it is necessary to add the gains to him by your own clicks and permanent your referred asique it leaves a still greater sum.
3 - Jackpots The truth that this is not something essential for this PTC but causes that sometimes we relax of the monotonous thing that is to enter, to give 4 clicks and to leave the page. One is lotteries and there is MiniJackpots, Jackpots and MegaJackpots. In minijackpots the bets are worth 0.10 $ asique are reasonable for anyone and the prize maximum is 2,00$. In jackpots each bet is 1$ and the maximum prize is 20$. The system is simple: there are 100 numbers and each number is a bet. You can buy but of I number in the same table. Cuado people has bought all the numbers of the table, randomly choose 5 awarded numbers and the propietary people of each of those, take her respective prize. On the other hand, the Megajackpots is like the real lotteries only that are carried out by means of Internet. The prizes ascend to 1000 $, but obvious the possibility that it touches to you is very small.

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Neobux is best ptc
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